A World-Class Award for an IAA Young Professional

August 2017
IAA Serbian Chapter

Ljubica Vukčević, Insight Analyst in Direct Media and a member of the IAA Young Professionals Chapter, received the prestigious global IAA Inspire Award – Young Leader. The accolade is awarded to worthy individuals whose efforts have contributed to the International Advertising Association (IAA).

As stated in the announcement detailing the decision, Ljubica’s track record significantly improved the work of the Young Professionals Chapter in Serbia, and—as a result—of the IAA. Ljubica Vukčević has been in the YP Chapter since it was founded, and she has been very successful in her Insight Analyst role at Direct Media. As the competition rules stipulate, she was nominated by her Young Professional peers, and the decision on the award was made by the IAA Global Jury.

When asked to comment on the fact that yesterday she became a holder of the prestigious accolade, Ljubica said: I heard the wonderful news while I was on maternity leave, which made it even more surprising. In our business, it seems that if you are absent for some time, everyone forgets about all you did before and how much energy you invested in projects. I was that much more happy about the IAA Worldwide recognizing my efforts at the Chapter since its inception. I am truly honored and I look forward to receiving another IAA Inspire award after Đorđe Janković. This award should also be understood as a confirmation of the quality of Young Professionals in Serbia, as well as a recognition of the good work of the IAA Serbian Chapter.

The award ceremony is scheduled for October 24 at the Royal Palace in Bucharest, when the IAA Global Conference will take place.

This is the second time that this award is won by a member from Serbia, which proves that Young Professionals in this country are delivering remarkable results within the IAA Worldwide. Two years ago, the IAA Inspire Award was presented to Đorđe Janković in London. The Young Professionals Chapter operates within the IAA Serbia and brings together young people with up to five years of experience in the field, those who are in their last year of studying at a school that focuses on communications. You can find out more about the IAA YP at http://www.iaa.rs/young-professionals/