Doing the right thing at the right time is the biggest challenge!

November 2017
Marketing mreža

In an exclusive interview with Marketing mreža, Direct Media’s Head of Creative Voljena Daničić talks about the Serbian creative industry, young talents, and the Čuvaj se campaign, which won a series of awards this year.

The Čuvaj se campaign won a Golden Sempler at the recently held festival in Portorož. Proud?
Absolutely. Of the entire team! Of the idea, the energy, and the impact that we made. This is one of those ideas that wasn’t just treading water—every single individual involved was living it throughout the process. And it shows. The Best Targed Campaign Award tells us that we truly succeeded in attaining our goal. We are equally proud of people’s reactions because the audience for whom the message was intended responded—to be honest—better than we could have expected.

You moved into the role of Direct Media’s Head of Creative. How different is this position compared to your previous work and how important is the creative division at your agency?
My last role—Innovative and New Media Manager—is basically not too different. It’s equally important, since innovation and focus on new technologies have been our direction for several years now. Direct Media Creative is still a small but a very progressive department within one large media system. We have enough talent, knowledge, experience, support, and capacity to deliver big and important projects that make a difference on the market. The fact that our clients are increasingly placing their trust in us and putting new challenges before us shows that we are on the right track.

What do you think are the most important trends in the creative industry that will dominate 2018?
In addition to all the official trends that we read about every day and that permeate our work and our campaigns, making the right thing at the right time is the biggest challenge—it’s a timeless trend. Providing the client and the industry with what is needed and doing it in the best possible way, however impossible it may seem.

How hard or easy is it today to find young talents who would create new trends in the Serbian creative industry?
It’s as hard as in any other country. It’s not enough just to find them, you need to appeal to them because young talents want challenges that feel right. I think we have many young talented people who should have their chance to show their potential, and we should serve as their inspiration to give the best they’ve got.

Do you think that creativity is something people are born with or something they gain through work and experience?
Creativity is inherent, but the way it develops through life is another matter. If we are lucky enough to work in a job that promotes the development of creativity in the right way, we hit the jackpot. Experience definitely makes some situations and processes easier for us.

How would you rate the Serbian creative industry at the moment?
Both Serbia and the region have great potential and many talented people. In a way, I’m sad that this potential is not fully utilized. Some campaigns and ideas are evidently done by just going through the motions, which is a shame.