Human side of an online bank


In September 2014 Telenor has launched Telenor Bank in Serbia – first completely online bank in a country where more than 80% of all transactions is handled in cash. Our task was to bring this innovative banking service, a bank without a clerk and a counter, closer to people and demonstrate its human side.


We have decided to give a human form to the bank by using the latest technology in the environment of Augmented Reality. We have created a virtual Telenor banker with the aim to make the contact interesting for the users, offering at the same time all the necessary information that our client finds important to communicate with the future users. By using cutting-edge technology of virtual reality Telenor Bank Guide mobile app was created which promoted by using an integrated approach through traditional and digital channels simultaneously.


  • Over 50.000 application downloads during the promotional period
  • Over 1 million people saw an interview of the Virtual Banker in the national television program and via other communication channels
  • The most important thing is – that we have succeeded in presenting the human side of the bank