Through networking we are combining knowledge, needs and possibilities!

October 2017
Marketing mreža

Nevena Kurtović, Managing Director of Fusion Communications spoke for Marketing mreža as part of the #KamanjaNaDark campaign.

Marketing mreža started, as a part of its 5th birthday celebrations, a socially responsible campaign #KampanjaNaDar, which was supported and activated by 17 social communities, businesses, creative, PR and digital agencies in Serbia. Amongst them Fusion Communications, which will donate a campaign for the Parenting Chance Association.

To this end we talked with Nevena Kurtović, the director of Fusion Communications, and Sandra Jovanović, president of the Parenting Chance Association.

What motivated you to be part of the #KampanjaNaDar campaign? How important is it to talk about different problems in Serbia in a creative way?

Fusion Communications: Our motivation was to contribute to the growth of an idea that wasn’t commercial, that had a goal of goodness. These kinds of actions aren’t unknown to us, on the contrary, whenever we have had the possibility to support them we did, because they are very inspiring to us and they give a total purpose to our profession.

Parenting Chance Association: Greater coverage in media and social networks is what the Parenting Chance Association needs so that as many people as possible can be informed about the importance of in vitro and to break taboos tied to them. It is very important to talk about the big problem that is torturing more than 400.00 couples, in a creative and innovative way. The more we talk in a creative way about this problem – the more we can reduce the suffering of couples that are tortured by infertility.

Why is networking important, as well as advancing the community through combined efforts?

Fusion Communications: Through networking we gather knowledge, needs and possibilities that are being updated; in this way we are enriching and broadening the views of all participants which potentially creates new models of business.

Parenting Chance Association: Networking in a community is very important for cooperation with different projects, and their realization, but also because of the inability to work independently on the marketing field. Community, especially in the non-government sector is very important because it points out the problems that are of key importance for the community. Everyone should know how important in vitro is not only for us who have this kind of problem but also for everyone. Through networking we can raise awareness and work on a concrete solution to this problem.

Why are, in your opinion, social communities/enterprises, and also creative industries important for the economy of Serbia?

Fusion Communications: The only way to bring attention to some of the topics is to approach them in a creative manner. In the sea of information which an average person can access these days everything becomes invisible, banal, and lasts only for one day, if it isn’t creative enough. Creative approaches to complete business, and not only their promotion is something that would influence the growth and development of economy subjects and the economy of Serbia as a whole, because everyone would want to be a part of it.

Parenting Chance Association: An association like ourselves isn’t of great importance to the growth of the economy, but is of great importance for the growth of Serbia, which in that way influences the growth of the economy. This kind of question is something every country plans for in the long term, and these kinds of segments must be adequately invested in order for them to eventually, over a period of several years, make results that are visible – that is the betterment of the birthrate and better overall social policies in Serbia, including better social protection. Encouraging societies to acknowledge the existence of us encourages the activity of an individual, which is the key.