Influencers, my best work friends

December 2017
Direct Media
By: Marijana Stefanović, Creative Account

Lately, the number of stories about digital marketing, its impact, and its ubiquity has been skyrocketing. I only just moved into the arena myself and consequently started to increasingly bump across words that before sounded like mere noise.

I had no idea what terms such as : influencers, reach, engagement, and the like meant until I had to deal with precisely them. The very beginning of this story answers the main question: Who are influencers really?

Influencers on social media are people who made themselves stand out as users, gaining popularity and certain credibility, which is why their access to wider audiences is used to promote and advertise products, brands, events, and more. Influencers are individuals who make use of social media to spread their influence in different aspects of life much faster and easier.

However, today the term “influence” has a generally negative ring to it and most people feel averse to it, which spills over towards people who are recognized as influencers. Common attitudes and comments like, “What are influential bloggers and instagrammers about, anyway? Who’s influenced by them?! What is it that they do?” It took some time for us to accept and understand the phenomenon brought about by the popularity of social media.

Try to imagine for a moment that you’re watching a movie and it leaves you breathless. You post a comment about it on social media. How likely do you think it is that some of your followers will decide to watch the movie based on your recommendation? Very much so! Much more than you imagine.

This is precisely how influencers around the world operate, and marketers decided to utilize influencers’ impact on product performance for business purposes, which resulted in influencer marketing.

Influensers brought something new—a non-invasive, spontaneous presentation products, which was a much needed pick-me-up in a sea of polished, shiny, inauthentically perfect advertising messages.

The proof that influencers became my best work friends are the projects and campaigns we worked on recently, in which the spotlight was on them:

The old good Imlek PYRAMID yogurt returned to shelving rows  across our country. The influencers we hired were the first to announce the news. Through their teaser and reveal posting stages, they kept their fans on their toes and contributed to generating a massive buzz on the market.

For the Moj grad se budi (Doncafe) campaign, the influencers were tasked with sharing a short video depicting morning and morning rituals to invite fans to join the campaign, win a prize, and have their shots contribute to the making of the first documentary on waking up. you can check out the final product at:

I could name our most popular influencers’ favorite movies in a heartbeat, and if you are curious about some of the most interesting videos made by influencers announcing new episodes on AMC, you can check them out at: ,

In addition, another in a series of projects we worked involved influencer moms, whose followers got a peek at a completely novel experience—a first of its kind in the region—which was the Moja kravica Augmented Reality coloring book for kids:

From the morning rituals, yogurt, new coloring book, favorite shows and beyond—one campaign after another campaign—I’m sure that you absolutely understand why I consider influencers to be my best friends during my work day. It is they who bring that quality of freshness and build trust in products among consumers more quickly.

On the other hand, there’s the question of whether influencers are best friends to brands and clients? For the brands we work with, influencers either are indeed their best friends or they’re on their way to becoming ones. This is what I would recommend to any other company out there.