October 2017
Advertiser Serbia

On the occasion of the forthcoming international festival of creativity, Golden Drum, Advertiser Serbia talked with Voljena Daničić, Head of Creative in Direct Media.


Has your agency submitted entries for the Golden Drum Competition (if yes, please state the exact titles of the works and the names of the creative directors, as well as the categories for which the works were submitted: if not, why not)?

This year we have not submitted any works and we are truly sorry about this. The campaigns we planned to submit are still in progress and growing day by day producing ever better results, and I can now announce with certainty that next year you will be inundated with our entries.

How would you describe the role and relevance of the Golden Drum Festival for the advertising industry in Serbia and the entire SEE region?

Golden Drum is a festival reverberating with creativity. Such festivals are a staple for the growth and development of the industry, but also confirmation that the region bristles with brilliant ideas and projects.

What are the good sides of the Golden Drum Festival? Do you think it is necessary to improve some of the aspects of the Festival?

What I like about Golden Drum is the major focus it places on the development of the profession. Its great advantage is also the participation of a great number of foreign speakers. This certainly does not imply that the “local” speakers have nothing to say; it is just that experiences gained in larger markets are interesting and useful. The speed dating concept that helps young people in the industry to link with older colleagues is an excellent networking mechanism.