All ears to consumers, they spur the trends!

October 2017
Direct Media
Direct Media Academy welcomes leading marketing experts from Trendwatching

The lecture attended by 500 marketing professionals that took place in Belgrade as part of Direct Media Academy saw experts from the world’s leading marketing firm Trendwatching present key trends as a recommendation to brands, the media, and marketing agencies.


Offering a service or product that makes life easier—even by using artificial intelligence; being present everywhere and at all times in completely new places and contexts; connecting young people with peers who share the same interests; companies making internal changes for the better (and talking about it!); and, finally, being different and unpredictable—these are the five global trends in marketing for 2018.


“Consumer behavior and their expectations are changing faster than ever. We need to pick up on their expectations before they bear upon business, accommodate them, and innovate our product or service. In an environment of rapid change, you need to start watching consumers yourself and the trends they spur,” said David Mattin, Trendwatching’s Global Head of Trends & Insights.

Direct Media’s Managing Director Jovan Stojanović said that monitoring trends is important in marketing that connects companies and consumers, just as is always working on yourself through learning.


“Seven years ago, we launched Direct Media Academy to help us to get better in our business, and today we opened its doors to the wider marketing community for the first time. We want to share some of our expertise with the community and to strengthen our brands and the market as a whole through better communication. In our keeping track of new knowledge this time we’re getting help from the visiting speakers from the Trendwatching team, who bring a global perspective on marketing,” Stojanović said.


Direct Media Academy (DMA) is a regional educational program completed by more than 300 participants so far. The DMA organization and program committee is made up of Direct Media experts from different areas of marketing and communications: brand strategy, communication planning, research, digital marketing, public relations, and social media communications. The program is designed as a series of lectures and workshops in the form of modules that cover the theoretical and practical parts of these marketing areas.