Direct Media Sarajevo: A place like we would want the whole world to be

December 2017
Direct Media

Our ancestors would say that man is a wolf to his fellow man.

It is not true. We have concluded so because since the very beginning of the socially beneficial activities of our company and after the active volunteering of our employees, we have become enriched by many people with whom we have achieved a unique connection that can be made only through a shared struggle. And no one has ever so much as flashed a fang anyone other than when smiling.

That is exactly why we are moving forward, continuing the active engagement in sensitive social questions, and making efforts to provide some answers as often as possible. Our tradition of volunteering, which fulfills each of us personally as well as professionally, has been enriched by yet another pleasant event in Sarajevo.

Do you know who self-advocates are?

In BiH, Sumero is a niche under which over 30 support organizations for persons with intellectual disabilities operate, one of which is the Club of self-advocates.

Self-advocates were formed in Sweden in the 1960’s. The group formed out of the need for intellectually disabled persons to, individually or in a group, speak or act on their own behalf or on behalf of others similarly afflicted. In other words, they had enough of standing on the sidelines from day one, disconnected from the process of making decisions that affected them. Their parents, caretakers, teachers and the state itself – all made decisions for them, in the name of quality care.

The self-advocacy movement redefines the very approach to disability – viewing it in the context of equality and human rights, and in no way as a rehabilitative process. Their goal is to welcom all forms of support from the social community. Inclusion is the first keyword and is somewhat magical – because everything begins with it.

We, Direct Media Sarajevo, are very grateful to have had the opportunity to spend one wonderful day with club members, all of which was spent bowling and in carefree socializing. Our goal was to create an event where all our social lives flow completely naturally, and in which we are all equal, and at the same time wonderful with our differences.

The joy of meeting each other and socializing was mutual, and the bowling alley that day was a place like we would like the world to be, a place where man was least like a wolf to his fellow man.”

We thank the Self-advocacy Club for a meaningful friendship to all of us.