CREATIVE PEOPLE & CREATIVITY, part II: The great holiday interview with creative directors of marketing agencies in Serbia

December 2017
Advertiser Serbia

Voljena Daničić, our Innovate & New Media Manager, spoke with Advertiser Serbia as part of the great holiday interview “Creative people and creativity”.

Creative Directors are the heart & soul of all well-established advertising agencies. Read what those “hearts” of Serbian advertising and marketing agencies think about: the creative achievements of the advertising industry in Serbia, the region, the world as well as other issues…Interview conducted by Nenad Danilović.
We asked our interlocutors the following questions:

Evaluate the results of work of the domestic creative agencies in the year 2017; Highlight the best domestic agencies and explain your selections.
Evaluate the work of your agencies in terms of their creative contributions in the year 2017.
How would you evaluate the role and significance of the Serbian creative scene compared to that of other nations in the SEE region?
Which worldwide campaigns or significant individual work in the year 2017 drew your attention and why?
Make a wish for your colleagues in the industry and advertisers in 2018…


Voljena Daničić, Innovate & New Media Manager Direct Media
…evaluate the results of work of domestic creative agencies… When I look back on the past year, my first impression is that 2017 was marked by some truly unexpected campaigns. The dearest to me, because it brought me back to my childhood, was the Imlek campaign for *Moja Kravica Trougao (or My Little Cow Triangle). I got the impression that everything was perfectly designed and packaged, and overflowing with emotions and sincerity. They blew me away with Suzana Mančić and the retro Lottery drawing! Congratulations to the Communis team. On the other hand, what made this year most memorable was our socially responsible campaign “Čuvaj se!” ( “Watch yourself!”) which we created in collaboration with SPIKS. A completely different approach to traffic problems, strong and sincere emotions, working with the young and very talented Stefan Gajić, awards at Sempl and UEPS, those are all the reasons why I want to continue to develop the campaign in 2018. Therefore, expect more surprises from us.

…the creative contribution of our agency… Our creative team is young, but on the other hand we have all been in the industry for a long time and we have a slightly different approach to the creative process and creativity in general. Our solutions are primarily functional and adapted to each medium individually, because our foundation is media, and everything we do begins with media. “Creativity that works” is our mantra, and looking back on the past year it has brought us great results, awards and thrilled clients.

…the role and significance of the Serbian creative scene in the region… I am truly convinced that the SEE region is an incredibly creative ground. Unlike in the West, were the possibilities are surely greater, here we must contrive to create something valuable so our competition as a nation is very strong. In such intense competition, winning awards at festivals is at once a great honor and proof that Serbia can be, if it isn’t already, the creative epicenter of the region.

…world (or global) campaigns in the year 2017 that drew your attention… The BBDO NY campaign Sandy Hook Promise – Evan left a strong impression on me. In a very original and shocking way it depicts a problem that exists in society. On the other hand, I adore holiday campaigns and my favorite, for now, is the campaign “Moz the Monster”. It is simply wonderful.

…holiday wishes and congratulations to colleagues and advertisers… I wish everyone many challenges and opportunities in 2018.